A Couple Things…

This is mostly me babbling about some thoughts going through my head, a little thought processing, so if that isn’t interesting to you, you don’t need to read this.  Things are happening/not happening  and I need to make better sense of it.  Or at least I should.  I mostly just really feel like taking a nap and ignoring everything.

1. I started a little project to get myself drawing on a regular basis, which lasted a grand total of a week.  Then I got some bad news about something I was looking forward to and did my typical hide from the world bit.  But hey, one week’s worth of something.  Woo.  I guess.  Maybe I’ll get back to it. Renee Draws Hands

2.  It’s summer, there’s drama with the new neighbors (well, particularly their fix-it guy, as he seems to be less than honest), and there’s issues with trying to get use of the boats, and my mom is very depressed about all of it.  Because, let’s face it, anything to do with the boathouse (that the new neighbors own), the boats, and the lake also has to do with memories of her dad and it’s only been a year and a half (or so) now.  I wish I could make things better but what can I do?  And yeah, very first world problems.

3.  I’ve been noticing getting faves from what appears to be spambots and when I check the notes on a post nothing shows up.  So I guess spambots really like my work?  Eh.  It’s odd, but I’m going to pretend that a fave is a fave and find it entertaining.

4.  I had a setback with trying to find a place.  Finding a place to rent is near impossible - everthing gets snapped up fairly quickly.  It seems that there are houses in the area being sold for impossibly low prices, so I might go that route.  Of course, this also means some boring stuff that I won’t talk about here.  I’m trying to get more hours at work and my mom thinks I should get a second job.  I really don’t want a second job.

5.  My mom found a letter from a friend in middle school to me when I was overseas in high school.  It’s surreal, because I don’t remember a thing about it. I don’t remember the letter, or anything it is referring to, or anyone it mentions, aside from the person who wrote it.  It’s also oddly religious, considering the person who sent it wasn’t.

6.  Right now I’m helping my mom go through her jewelry.  Which is the most ridiculous thing, because I am absolutely crap for that sort of stuff.  My sister should be the one helping her.  Oh well.  It’s fun to look at the stuff but I don’t have any good answers for what to keep.  I’m too much of a hoarder anyway.

I can’t think of anything else.  I should probably start looking at other people’s stuff and replying and etc.  And clean my room.  I could always be cleaning my room more often.

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